How to Sell Your Home in the Digital Age

Technology is all around us and has changed the way we interact and make purchasing decisions. It is commonplace to do one’s banking, grocery store shopping and a myriad of other conveniences without ever taking eyes off the computer monitor. So too, finding your next home can often be accomplished online. JD Power & Associates found that 88 percent of buyers researched properties on the internet before contacting a real estate agent.

Sellers and real estate agents must rethink their marketing and selling strategies to entice online buyers to walk into their homes and offices. A person will be interested in the home they have seen online before they will see it in person. Yet, a savvy real estate agent can point out worthy properties that don’t show well online and overcome a buyer’s reluctance to spend time on a showing. Notwithstanding a buyer’s online research, a buyer’s agent can  perform an invaluable service in locating the “perfect” home for their customer.

5 Ways to Sell Your Home Quickly 

  1. Professional Photography

Photographs are essential and can make or break a buyer’s interest. Photos and videos sell homes. Videos are not a substitute for photographs; they are a supplement. There is substantial competition when selling a home. Buyers are searching for many homes on Zillow® and® and making decisions about which properties they are interested in seeing.

The photos need to wow and impress buyers. One great photo can strongly motivate an in-person showing. Ensure your listing presents an appealing representation of the inside and exterior. The more a buyer is excited about the prospect of acquiring your home, the better your bargaining position. 

  1. Social Media

Social media is an unrivaled player in the digital real estate market. Social media plays a unique role in featuring your home and increasing exposure. With listings being public, anyone can view, promote, and share your listing. 

Social media can promote the surrounding community, restaurants, and school districts. Photos and videos can be shared as a very effective way to promote your home. 

  1. Video

Videos are an effortless way for buyers to see your home. Photographs can be deceiving and wide angle lenses often misrepresent the actual feel of a room. A buyer’s instant disappointment comparing the photo with the reality will end that potential sale. By contrast, a video is a powerful tool that gives buyers a realistic understanding of the home’s layout and size they are interested in buying. 

Use high-quality video from a professional videographer to showcase your home. Video helps highlight your home’s unique beauty and characteristics and increases the likelihood that you will only physically show your home in-person to buyers whose expectations have been met. 

  1. Staging Preparations

Staging your home is vital. Even the best photographer or videographer can’t make a messy house look neat. A professional stager will prepare your home prior to offering your home for sale. Depending on cost factors and the reasonableness of the plan, a stager will unclutter, rearrange, or  even paint or rent furniture to maximize your home appeal.. Staging ensures that your home meets or exceeds the expectations of buyers.

  1. Pricing Accurately and to Sell

When priced right, prepared well, and represented professionally, clients can still achieve results in a today’s market

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