Moving With Kids

Moving is very stressful. Moving with kids, especially little kids can make the move even more challenging. If you have to move with little kids, here are some tips to help make the move easier. 

  1. Pack all items except a box of toys, so the children have something to play with..
  2. When you have children, you can never have too much help. Please do not be too proud to ask neighbors and family members to help with the children so you can pack up your house in peace.
  3. Labelling boxes with colored duct tape will make the boxes easier for everyone to find, even the little ones who can’t read words yet.
  4. Packing with kids can take much longer than without. Tip for success: begin packing as soon as you learn you are moving. 
  5. Moving is the perfect time to donate items. Take all items in dark plastic bags to the car or donation center without your children peeking inside. They may just want what is in them.
  6. Post items on Craigslist, Facebook, and local mom’s groups. Why not get cash for things you want to get rid of. One person’s junk is another’s treasure.
  7. To make each family member feel more at home and less out of sorts, pack a suitcase with their favorite items, so they are at their disposal while you are unpacking all the boxes.
  8. Leave each child a special prize, so they are excited for the adventure ahead of them. 
  9. Allow your children to say their goodbyes to their old house in the way they want to. Take them around the house, so they can say goodbye to each room and recall any memories.
  10. All you and your family a full year to become acclimated to their home and neighborhood. Moving is stressful, psychologically disorienting, and emotionally exhausting.

Florida National Title Services

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