You are buying the perfect house to be your home

When you are house hunting, always remember that you are not only buying a house, you are buying a home. A home should meet the needs of you and your family and be in an area that is convenient to work, shopping, family, and friends. It should not require more maintenance or renovation than you are able or willing to provide.

It is essential that you consider your income and calculate your expenses to ensure that you can afford the monthly mortgage payments which is often ½ of the cost of your annual home insurance and real estate taxes and factor in the cost of maintaining your new home. Costs for repairs of a resale are inevitable even when the home comes with a new home warranty. When buying your home, keep in mind that its value on a day to day basis should not be a concern.

While many people consider real estate as an investment, the primary objective in buying a home is to provide security and shelter for your family without stressing about the costs and responsibilities that go along with it. It is a natural phenomenon that values of homes increase and decrease. You want your home to improve your quality of life. Why your home is not an investment

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