The Millennials: Generation Y

Millennials are in their mid-twenties to mid-thirties and are not buying homes in the same manner as previous generations did. Many Millennials rent and do not see owning a home as a priority. Millennials tend to lead busy lives, often moving, and tend to settle down later in life. How can a homeowner market their home to as many potential buyers as possible?  Here are some tips on including the Millennial Generation, a generation with significant spending power, in your marketing plan.

Market Online

Millennials are tech-savvy and spend a great deal of their time on social media. They get the majority of their information online. Giving your home an online presence will improve the chances that Millennials will see it is for sale. Posting on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook allow Millennials the opportunity to notice the listing when they are browsing for homes.

Posting high-quality photos and videos of your clean and tasteful home will appeal to the Millennial crowd. When interested, they are likely to notify you quickly and they will expect quick responses in return. Millennials want and expect information fast, and when they do not receive it, they are likely to lose interest and move on.  Attentiveness and responsiveness are key to holding their interest..

Accentuate the Space

Millennials are social people with many friends. They appreciate and value ample living space to host dinner parties and for creative home projects. Knowing your home’s most significant advantages and bringing them into a positive light will be beneficial.

Whether it is a convenient location for transportation, popular restaurants, or cultural events, Millennials will be impressed since they spend their time working out, having fun, meeting friends, and checking out sporting events. If your home has a convenient and accessible location, it will be a big advantage.

Be Accessible and Helpful

Millennials rely on the internet for their home buying advice. When they are house hunting, they may have many questions and expect to receive plenty of information from the homeowner or their agent about the home. Be prepared to respond promptly and cheerfully. Providing helpful and kind communication will assist the home buying process to go smoothly and successfully. Millennials will provide reviews on their home buying experience on the internet and to their friends.

Florida National Title Services

Whether you sell your home to a Millennial or a member of an older generation, Florida National Title will ensure there is a clear title for the house you are selling and buying. We have years of experience in the title business to make all of your real estate transactions go smoothly.

Expert Title Services Jupiter

Florida National Title has years of experience guiding Florida homebuyers through the real estate purchase and refinance experience and have helped them solve the problems that come up in the process. We will decipher the “legalese” and explain what we need and why we need it each step of the way. The blogs to follow will address specific issues to guide buyers to understand the process better and to help them avoid many of the pitfalls. Call us at (561) 408-0729 or visit our website.


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