Real Estate Attorneys and Title Companies

A title company searches and examines title, processes all aspects of file prior to closing, arranges for and conducts the closing and disburses funds and records documents to complete the purchase and sale.

Real estate attorneys specialize in the legal aspects of buying and selling real estate properties and can assist and supervise a title company in meeting its responsibilities.

The cost of retaining an attorney is insignificant compared to the value of the transaction, and well worth the comfort and peace of mind that comes with it.  There is no substitute for having confidence that your interests are being represented and that the expectations framed by the contract will be achieved.

Contract Review and Document Execution and Recordation

Hire a real estate attorney to negotiate on your behalf and communicate all components of a contract of importance to you. An experienced attorney can discuss legal aspects of a transaction that is beyond the expertise of a real estate agent. 

Close with Confidence

Florida National Title is owned by attorneys with knowledge and experience in real estate and title law. It is the culture of Florida National Title to render the process of selling or purchasing property a smooth, orderly process, with friendly and assuring staff, all dedicated to your complete and total satisfaction in a stress-free and reassuring manner.

Closing Agents 

Florida National Title acts as a closing agent for the real estate transaction. We perform title searches, clear impediments to render clear and marketable title, process payoffs and required approvals, prepare and obtain signatures on all documents needed at closing, receive all closing funds, distribute all payments related to the transaction, and record all documents with the local recording office. 

Escrow Officers

Florida National title acts as escrow agent by holding documents and funds relating to the transaction and, after closing, release the deed for recording and the money according to the written instructions of the buyer and seller.

Title Insurance Issuers

Florida National title issues title insurance policies on behalf of title insurance companies. We act as an independent agent and receive a commission for issuing the policy. The actual premium reflects rates promulgated by the State of Florida.

The Bottom Line

While having a title company or real estate attorney is not a legal requirement, it is wise to work with each to represent your interests. Both title companies and real estate attorneys work together to assure the terms of a contract are complied with and the buyer’s expectation of free and clear, unencumbered ownership is fully met.

Florida National Title Services

Florida National Title Services ensures the title of the home you desire is clear.

Florida National Title Services provides expert title services. When you are renting, we can help with every step of the way. Florida National Title has years of experience guiding Florida homebuyers through the real estate purchase and refinance experience and have helped them solve the problems that come up in the process. We will decipher the “legalese” and explain what we need and why we need it each step of the way. The blogs to follow will address specific issues to guide buyers to understand the process better and to help them avoid many of the pitfalls. Call us at (561) 408-0729 or visit our website.

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