Open Houses

An open house takes careful planning. The stage must be set, the agent must be available with the correct marketing materials and a positive attitude. By writing an online invitation and placing inviting signage on the property, you can narrow the audience to neighbors only or broaden it to include all potential homebuyers. Providing a little food and drink can improve the attendance at open house and bring in neighbors and strangers alike.

Attracting buyers is the ultimate goal and open houses do just that. Additionally, the neighbors who know about the open house will discuss the open house amongst each other which will help spread the news that a home is up for sale.

Holding The Open House

The ads, fliers and online posts will bring in potential buyers. Depending on the area in which the house is located will affect how many potential buyers your open house will generate. A desirable, smartly priced and well-publicized open house can see 100 or more people over the course of three hours.

Open House Tips

  • The more people you can get to tour your open house, the more potential you have to make a sale. The realtor’s job is to try to sell their client’s home as quickly as possible.
  • Have a property description sheet available with pertinent information. Include photos,  the property address, asking price, total square footage, school information, neighborhood amenities, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, HOA fees, real estate taxes, appliance, upgrades and special features.
  • Prepare and stage the home by placing furniture and creating a spacious atmosphere, free it of clutter and fix what is broken.
  • Spread the word by posting flyers, advertising online, social networking and advertising on the MLS with quality photos of the interior and exterior of the home.
  • Be a gracious host, greet each guest, offer refreshments and allow them to tour the home.
  • Always follow up by sending a thank you to all who attended the open house. Call each person and ask for feedback and if they have any questions about the home.

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