What Florida National Title Does For You

Real estate transactions go hand and hand with title agencies. Title companies do not often get the credit they deserve which is unfortunate since they are an essential and very important component of each and every real estate transaction. Without them, it would be difficult to become a legal homeowner. So, what does a title company such as Florida National Title Company really do?

What Florida National Title Can Do For You

When the seller and buyer come to an agreement on the purchase price of a home and it is under contract, the real estate agent will bring in Florida Title Insurance for expertise in real estate transactions.

Six Steps Florida National Title Will Take To Get You Your Title

  1. Florida National Title will do a search on the title. They will investigate the title to ensure there are no other claims on the title, outstanding mortgages or liens. Investigating the title will also check that the property tax, utilities and homeowner’s association dues have been paid. This information will be documented in the title abstract. If there are no legal restrictions on the property, it will ensure the buyer’s investment is safe.
  2. Florida National Title will also complete a property survey provided the lender requires one. Many lenders require one to know that the property is worth what it is being sold for before lending the money to the buyer. A property survey draws the property lines to see if neighboring properties have encroached upon the property lines. If there are any issues with the survey, Florida National Title will contact the real estate agent and lender. If there are no issues, they will let the buyer know.
  3. After the title search and property title, an opinion letter is created. The legal document states that the title is valid and free from any outstanding mortgages or liens and is available to the buyer for purchase.
  4. As a reputable title company, Florida National Title offers two types of title insurance. Lender’s insurance will protect the lender or bank from any claims and owner’s Insurance protects the buyer from disputes over home ownership. Title insurance is sometimes purchased and sometimes free. If a title is incorrectly sold to a buyer, title insurance will ensure they are reimbursed or paid the value of the home.
  5. Florida National Title can help you choose the best warranty company for your home and needs if warranty insurance is not included from the real estate agent or seller. This Insurance protect the buyer from paying high prices on appliances that need repair. Florida National Title also recommends that home repair insurance be purchased as well.
  6. Florida National may act as an escrow agent for the real estate transaction. An escrow agent is an impartial party who will pay money to any vendors or banks.

Expert Title Services Jupiter

Florida National Title offers all these services and they also act as a settlement and escrow agency. As settlement agents, they will prepare all the loan documents. Deeds, tax certificates, title insurance policies will all be prepared legally by them. All documents will be explained to both the seller and buyer at the closing. As escrow agents, they will collect the money from the buyer and seller and ensure it is paid to the correct parties. After everything has been signed and is official, the title agency presents and files these documents in court to make the real estate transaction legal.

Florida National Title has years of experience guiding Florida home buyers through the real estate purchase and refinance experience and have helped them solve the problems that come up in the process. We will decipher the “legalese” and explain what we need and why we need it each step of the way. The blogs to follow will address specific issues to guide buyers to better understand the process and to help them avoid many of the pitfalls.
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